Anton Gulenko, PhD

TL;DR I am a Cloud and DevOps expert with a strong background in research and reliable infrastructures.

Welcome to my website! Feel free to look around and get to know my background. If you feel we have shared interests, please get in touch. I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of modern IT infrastructures. Technology continues to make complexity more manageable than ever, and I am proud to contribute to this development.

I equally love both the development and the operations parts of DevOps. I started my programming career as a 16 year old back in high school, and have been passionate about software engineering ever since, strongly focussing on “systems” and backend development (with a few excursions into the frontend world here and there). On the other hand, I am fascinated by Cloud and container technologies, server administration, automation, and CI/CD pipelines. While completing my Ph.D. in cloud computing, I implemented and maintained countless cloud and service infrastructures of various sizes and complexities. The topic of my dissertation is “Self-Healing in Cloud Computing Platforms” – a machine learning based approach to reliability in the cloud.

If this little introduction sparked your interest, please read on. I would be happy to hear from you!